Soundless Tag Information

Our Soundless tags are Quiet and made of Silicone which means they don’t jingle-jangle! They come permanently engraved with 2 choices of split rings for easy attachment. The smaller ring helps for puppies to not be able to access the tag with their mouth. The tags are 3/16 of an inch thick and 1.2 inches in diameter. They are lightweight and easy to read!  Best of all they won't make noise when your pup runs around or click on the food dish when they eat.  :)

Each tag style can have up to 1 line of engraving on the FRONT (up to 10 characters) and up to 4 lines on the Back (up to 16 characters a line). Keep in mind that the more text on the line, the smaller the engraving will be.

The ID tags are also good for luggage, backpacks, or anything else you wouldn’t want to lose.

Questions? Email us at Info@loveyourpets.com

Return Policy

We strive to make each tag just as you order it. Our automated system engraves your tag’s information exactly as it is entered on our website. We also ship your order to the shipping address exactly as given. We don't edit this information unless we have written instruction to do so or for reading clarity we happen to catch. Please check your order carefully before submitting it! If you need to make changes, email us at info@loveyourpets.com 

If a received tag has an issue, email us at info@loveyourpets.com with a photo and your order #. 

Love Your Pets cannot be responsible for an issue if the tag information is incorrectly submitted by the customer. Please check your tag before submission. We can however help you with a good replacement solution with engraving errors, or for tags that are chewed or pulled on (Please contact us first if you think you have a pup that could pull or chew on the tag - they are not designed for this use but we can help with a discounted starter puppy tag).

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and welcome your feedback! We love to hear from you. The best way to contact us regarding any issue is by sending an email stating your problem or question to info@loveyourpets.com

Cleaning Your Soundless Tag


  1. Spray a generous cooking spray on both sides of your tag, rub it in and brush it with a toothbrush.
  2. NEVER WASH OFF WITH WATER AFTER STEP 1 as you only want soap to connect with oil.
  3. Directly add generous drops of dish soap to the tag on both sides and brush with a toothbrush.
  4. Rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary. You can always wash with soap and water any time. 

Can I place my order by phone? 

Love Your Pets is an e-commerce store and the website is very easy to place orders on! For engraving changes, shipping address changes, received tag issue submissions or where is my order questions we need to have these details in writing. Please contact us at info@loveyourpets.com so we can help you!

The fastest response will be via email. If you experience trouble ordering online or need help with a specific order issue not covered, please email us at info@loveyourpets.com or call 800-982-4610 and we will be happy to help. You can also fax us at 888-879-7147. 

I have not received my order, what should I do?

We send out both an order confirmation and a shipping notification with tracking once the order ships. Please check your email and spam folder first for the tracking number before contacting us. Feel free to email us at info@loveyourpets.com if you can’t find your tracking or there is an issue with the delivery so we can help you!

Love Your Pets sites: We currently have two sites servicing our online store. This site is www.loveyourpets.com.co  Our Classic, Deluxe and Premier Tags along with other pet products can still be found at www.loveyourpets.com. Soon all of our products will be back at www.loveyourpets.com.

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Do you still have questions?

If you have additional questions or wish to further discuss details of our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at info@loveyourpets.com